Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's time to Trash That Dress...

You want me to do what with my expensive wedding dress?!?

Yep, you heard me right. You've made the vows, been kissed by the groom, and had the first dance. Now its time to show your new husband just how committed you are to your marriage. Lets get some great pictures of you, in your wedding dress, doing something totally crazy. Want to jump in the pool? Fine! How bout rolling around in the mud with hubby. Great! Have him (literally) tear it off of you. Awesome! Whatever you've got in mind, Trashing the Dress is the latest craze for symbolizing your commitment to your new marriage for the modern bride.

I know what you're thinking. "But I paid so much" or "I want my daughter to wear it when she gets married." Well, regardless of what you paid for it, this dress was meant to wear one time and one time only, and as far as your daughter goes, did you want to wear your mothers dress? She won't either.

Trashing the dress is an opportunity, after the wedding is over, to really do something out of the ordinary in your dress. It can be done the day of the wedding or some time afterward, usually before the groom has to turn in his tux.

A Trash the Dress photo shoot is about creation, not destruction. You don't actually have to do anything harmful to your dress (or the grooms rented tux). There are a few things to bear in mind as you "trash the dress." If you are concerned about actually doing any damage to your dress, or to the rental tux, there are still plenty of options for you to consider. For one, water, in almost any form, is very unlikely to do anything to your dress besides getting it wet. Is your dress ruined if you get rained on? Nope! So you can jump through the sprinkler without a care in the world, or have your groom take you into the shower with the dress still on. Be creative, have fun, and trash that dress!

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Julie V said...

"Tear it off you"? Really? Tisk, tisk. ;0)
Actually, it sounds fun, and I might even be willing to try it, only I have joined the ranks of newlywed wives who can no longer fit in their dresses. Eh.